Thank you to everyone that auditioned!

Burt – Zackery Miller

George Banks – Michael Julian

Winifred Banks – Alexandria Goforth

Jane Banks – Madilyn McNiel

Michael Banks – Elijah Calderara

Katie Nanna – Robbi Coker

Policeman – Bob Berger

Miss Lark – Mary Lynn Bardocz

Mrs. Brill – Julie Bryant

Robertson Ay – Ross Prado

Mary Poppins – Kasi Bryant

Parkkeeper – James White

Admiral Boom – Chip Bryant

Neleus – Benjamin Gatdula

Bank Chairman – Fabiani Duarte

Miss Smythe – Ronda Geary

VonHussler – Michael Kennedy Carrillo

Northbrook – Tom Fuller

Bird Woman – Elaina Orwell

Mrs. Correy – Valerie Alfred

Fannie – Miranda Bryant

Annie – Brooke Casarez

Valentine – Tyler Hutchins

Teddy Bear – Austin Stauffacher

Mr. Punch – Gabriel Mauger

Doll – Dijana Geary

Miss Andrew – Hillary Marshall


Morgan Sebring, Katie Grabowski, Paris Cass, Sarah McGavran, Ryan Sebring, Katherine McNiel, Evangeline Geary, Makaela Thompson, Benjamin Derry, Lorelai Geary, Eydie McQuail

Cora Wilmott, Kyra Zartner, Damien Bashaw, Sid Johnson, Diedra Albrecht, Charlotte McNiel, Gretchen Brown, London Wilson, Leila Wilson, Parker Wade, Lydia Smith

Bianca Rodriguez, Jordynn Marelich, Bianca Lechuga, Stephanie Bedford, Caela Heisinger, Kirssi Heisinger, David Prose, Patrick Rooney, Unique Thomas, Jaden Parr, Tasheema Taylor

Ellie Mauger, Serena Apodaca, Carl Miller, Sarah Harshey, Nicholas Harshey, Baileigh Harshey, Kierstin Johnson, Miyah Douglass, Italia Lugo, Azarie Vaughn, Kaylen Zartner, Carl Miller & Ben Lewis


The Alamogordo Music Theatre is pleased to announce its upcoming auditions for their spring musical “Mary Poppins”!

Based on P.L. Travers’ beloved book series of the same name, Mary Poppins became an immediate hit when it premiered as a movie musical in 1964. Forty years later, Cameron Macintosh conceived of an enchanting stage musical that combines elements of Disney’s film with material inspired by Travers’ books.

In the musical, Bert, a jack-of-all-trades, invites us into the world of London, England in 1910 — and, specifically, into the dysfunctional home of the Banks family. Jane and Michael, the young Banks children, have sent yet another nanny packing, dismissing these children as hopelessly and irrevocably spoiled and misbehaved. With a father who works constantly and mother who is always distracted, Jane and Michael have suffered without strong care taking forces in their lives. Then the magical Mary Poppins flies in on the wind, bringing with her a combination of whimsy, magic, and disciplined common sense to the children’s lives. Together, they go on memorable and magical adventures — and also learn the importance of a tidy nursery and of taking the medicine they need (with a spoonful of sugar, of course.) Mary Poppins’ transformational influence does not stop with the children — eventually, she teaches the grown-ups, as well, to open up and realize that “anything can happen if you let it.”

Audition dates are Tuesday, January 8th & and Thursday January 10th. The auditions will start promptly at 6:30 PM at the Flickinger Center. To learn more about the audition process, please visit our audition page.

For a list of all parts and their ranges, please check out our page here!

PERFORMANCE DATES: APRIL 12, 13, 15, 19 & 20



The Alamogordo Music Theatre is elated to announce the cast of its fall musical “The Addams Family”! AMT would like to thank all those who auditioned, you did a wonderful job!

Gomez Addams: Fabiani Duarte

Morticia Addams: Hillary Marshall

Wednesday Addams: Kyra Zartner

Uncle Fester: Sid Johnson

Pugsley Addams: Noah Wachtler

Grandmama: Mary Lynn Bardocz

Lurch: Patrick McQuail

Lucas Beineike: Zack Miller

Alice Beineike: Deidra Albrecht

Mal Beineike: Matt Wade

Ancestors Ensemble: Katie Babbitt, Kasi Bryant, Miranda Bryant, Brad Douglas, Chuck Harrison, Kehau-Lani Kaihewalu, Gabriel Mauger, Michael Monteagudo, Elaina Orwoll, Jaden Parr

Production dates for the show are November 2, 3, 4, 9 & 10 at the Flickinger Center.


Over the weekend the casting committee for AMT’s summer production, “SHREK the Musical” deliberated and casted the show! Thank you to all who auditioned and congratulations to those who were cast! SHREK will open for five performances on August 3, 4, 5, 10 & 11

All parts are listed below:

Shrek – Jeremy Patton
Donkey – Ryan Thorp
Fiona – Kasi Bryant
Teen Fiona – Kaylen Zartner
Young Fiona – Parker Wade
Farquaad – Fabiani Duarte
Dragon – Raeh Burns
Dragon Puppet – Erin Sanger, Lani Kaihowalu, Julia Royal, Katie Grabowski, Kyra Zartner
Suger Plum Fairy – Kyra Zartner
Pinocchio – Tyler Hutchins
Gingy – Deira Albrecht
Wicked Witch/Blind Mice – Hillary Marshall
Big Bad Wolf – Chuck Harrison
Piper/Pig – Lee Perkett
Pig/Guard – Jaden Parr
Papa Ogre/Bishop – Mike Julian
Mama Ogre/Humpty Dumpty – Heather Bash
Baby Shrek – Charlie Vandergriff
Captain of the Guard – James Cox
Thelonius – Bob Burger
Mad Hatter – Gabriel Mauger
Mama Bear/Blind Mice – Katie Babbitt
King Harold/Papa Bear – Sidney Johnson
Queen Lilian – Jayme Berry
Fairy Godmother – Eliana Orwoll
Dwarf – Hayden Osborne
Peter Pan – Tasheema Taylor
White Rabbit – Ellie Mauger
Gnome – Gavin Blankenship
Shoemaker’s Elf – Amber Hunt
Ugly Duckling/Blind Mice – Chloe Hagener

Chorus – Savanah Manzanares, Hailey Manzanares, Ava Healu, Katie Valez, Julia Valez, Clarissa Lamer, Jordynn Marelich, Eydie McQuail, Brooke Casarez, Tatum Randall




Buy your tickets now for Alamogordo Music Theatre’s “Stage and Screen: Sixty Years of AMT”! Tickets are available online at the Flickinger Center website! Show nights are April 20 & 21 at the Flickinger Center.

Celebrating 60 years of serving the Tularosa basin, AMT has resolved to put on a fabulous night of music, song and dance! Featuring current and former members of the organization, “STAGE AND SCREEN” spotlights music from many popular musicals and movies. In an endeavor to incorporate members of the community, AMT has invited choirs from Chaparral & Mountain View Middle Schools to perform in numbers from “Annie” and “The Sound of Music”.  In addition, featured dancers on loan from the Academy of Ballet will be presenting numbers from “Chicago” and “A Chorus Line”.

Don’t wait another 60 years for what is sure to be a remarkable show! Get your tickets now!

Tickets are also currently available at the Flickinger Center box office and the night of each production at the door.


With the solicitation of $10 donations from people and businesses, AMT raised the money to pay the rent and royalties on our first show, Guys and Dolls, in August 1958. Along with this effort, there were more excited people working with sets, costumes and music…

Fast Forward 60 Years and AMT is still running strong!  The organization brings together community members from Alamogordo, Holloman, Tularosa and Cloudcroft. AMT is committed to creating a voice for diverse artists, to nurturing their unique voices, and to engaging our audiences. In addition, the proceeds from AMT shows go to area students who are pursuing collegiate studies in the arts.

Coming this month, AMT presents “STAGE AND SCREEN: 60 YEARS of AMT”.  AMT has resolved to put on a fabulous night of music, song and dance! Featuring current and former members of the organization, “STAGE AND SCREEN” spotlights music from many popular musicals and movies. In an endeavor to incorporate members of the community, AMT has invited choirs from Chaparral & Mountain View Middle Schools to perform in numbers from “Annie” and “The Sound of Music”.  In addition, featured dancers on loan from the Academy of Ballet will be presenting numbers from “Chicago” and “A Chorus Line”.

The excitement happens this April on the 20th and the 21st at 7PM! Tickets are available now at the Flickinger Center both at the box office and online! All seats are 12 dollars.




The Alamogordo Music Theatre is pleased to announce the winners of it’s three named annual scholarships! We congratulate the accomplished students who were awarded our 2017 monies. Each winner demonstrated outstanding scholastic achievement and community service:

Dax Bash: Winner of the Don Fox Memorial Scholarship

Katie Calentine: Winner of the  Martha Julian Memorial Scholarship

Ana Reynolds: Winner of the Ted Lewis Memorial Scholarship

The Alamogordo Music Theatre has contributed in excess of 60,000 dollars in scholarship monies over the last sixty years. Our undergraduate scholarships are forms of aid that help area students (specifically students from the Tularosa Basin) pay for their education. Currently, we offer three name scholarships, each with a unique criteria:

Don Fox Memorial Scholarship AMT’s performing arts scholarship in memory of one of our founding board members Don Fox. The Don Fox Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating high school senior at the end of the school year.

Martha Julian Memorial Scholarship AMT’s scholarship in memory of local artist Martha Julian. The Martha Julian Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a student pursuing a degree in the fine arts every fall.

Ted Lewis Memorial Scholarship AMT’s general scholarship in honor of founding board member Ted Lewis.  The Ted Lewis Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating senior or continuing college student every fall.

We are currently accepting applications for the academic year for 2018. Please visit the links above for the applications for each scholarship. Please pay attention to deadline dates on each of the applications to ensure you are considered eligible for the current years scholarship. Be sure to include a current school transcript and a letter of need along with your application.